our origin

Hello, I'm Ivet, designer, mother and who is behind Kakimate.This project had been dormant for a long time, and finally, after a forced break of 9 months and a beautiful baby, it came to light.

Kakimate arises from the love for beautiful things, and from the passion for respectful, organic and ethical fashion.It is clothing designed for children and women with a free spirit, souls that fly, run and jump. Comfortable clothes with permissiveness to movement and with an individual and distinctive style.We work with durable, sensitive garments, with a versatile and timeless soul.The selection of suggestive and respectful fabrics is our main distinctive of expressiveness, it makes us special and different.

A fashion that respects the environment, organic and of great quality.


Timelessness of our clothing collections

The collections are totally timeless, garments that do not disappear from one season to the next, but are still present as precious objects so that you can acquire them when you feel the time is right, and enjoy sensitive garments with a lively and versatile artisan soul, which manifest themselves in two great universes:The Essentials and the Capsule Collections.

The Essentials are Kakimate's basic line. They are comfortable, simple garments, pampered in detail and that last over time.

The Capsule Collection is the seasonal collection. Here you will enjoy our most creative side. Garments with studied lines, exquisite patterns, attractive shapes that express the taste for what is special and different, with suggestive fabrics that invite the touch.

Both the essentials and the capsule collections can be mixed with each other, and create multiple combinations to have personal looks. The balance between discretion and expressiveness, between strength and kindness, between contemporaneity and temporality. It is Kakimate style dressing.