Our origin

From the love for beautiful things, Kakimate was born, from the hand of Ivet, seeking to turn his passion for fashion into respectful, organic, ethical fashion and thus add extra points of value to his creativity.

Ivet is me, the one started by Kakimate, the independent and emerging designer from Barcelona, who is passionate about her work and who decides to lead a full life combining her work as a designer with being a mother of two little people.

Kakimate and his designs are intended for children with free spirits and souls that fly and jump. We design clothes to be comfortable, clothes that mark freedom of movement, with a distinctive, individual style, ideal for everyday life and something very important, unique prints, handmade and designed for each collection.

We create provocative products, products of desire.


The collections are totally Timeless, garments that do not disappear season after season, but are still present as precious objects so that you can acquire them when you feel that it is the moment, and thus buy sensitive garments, with an artisan soul, alive and versatile, that are manifested in two great universes. The Essentials and Capsule Collections.

The Essentials are comfortable, simple garments that last over time; the concept of a basic garment but always very careful through the care of the details.

The Capsule Collection goes to the more creative side, garments with studied lines and exquisite patterns, suggestive fabrics that invite the touch, attractive shapes that show the taste for the special and different.

Both the essentials and capsule collections can be mixed together, and create multiple combinations to have personal looks. The Balance between discretion and expressiveness, between strength and kindness, between contemporaneity and timelessness. It's dressing in the Kakimate style.